Water Purifier and Dispenser

Water Purifier and Dispenser.


Hot or cold water, you can enjoy it fresh and pure at the press of a button with the Subfloor Water Purifier and dispenser.

Design and Dimensions
This stylishly designed water purifier has a plastic body and colored indicators for showing the separate water dispensing units for convenience of the user. It is great for homes, offices and commercial spaces.

Water Purification Technology
Subfloor Water Purifier and Dispenser ensures pure and safe water dispension. It is built-in with Subfloor 10' Filter, which cleanses water from all impurities.

Other Features
Child lock : Safety device can protect your children from unexpected accident with hot water.
Water Storage : The high water storage capacity of this Hot N Cold Water Purifier ensures regular supply of fresh water. The purifier ensures water retains its natural sweet taste.


Product Features.

We know our core strengths, always moving towards perfection. Most Importantly, we understand.

  • Durable Product
  • Easy Change Filter
  • Hot Water Safety Function (Child Lock)
  • Enahncement 3-Water Tanks
  • Stainless Steel Water Tank
  • Fusion Top for Home Use
  • Clean, Minimalist & Stylist Design
  • Wide Extration able to fit Most Bowls & Pots
  • Longest Filter Replacement Period


Water Tank Capacity Hot 1.5L
    Warm 1.0L
    Cool 3.0L
Power Consumption Hot 500W
    Cool 90W
Water Temperature Hot 85°C - 95°C
    Cool 6°C - 10°C
Net Weight 13.3 kg
Gross Weight 14.3 kg
Dimensions (W) 290 x  (D) 450 x (H) 520 (mm)
    (W) 11.4" x (D) 17.7" x (H) 20.4" (inches)

Built in Filters.

By using Subfloor 10' filter extends its replacement period to maximum thus reduce maintenance cost.

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