Residential Water Treatment

Subfloor Residential Water Treatment.


Subfloor water Filtration System effectively removes impurities from the main water supply that goes to your home, providing your home with clean and healthy water. It thoroughly removes germs, metal rust, mud and all kinds of residue from the water contamination inside aged piping systems.

Commitment to Quality
One piece seamless molded vessel, with no weld or joints.
High quality liner completely opaque to sunlight, prohibits growth of algae and micro-organisms.
Smooth vessel body with metallic silver coating provides excellent appearance, as well as heat & corrosion resistants.

Backwash and Flushing function
Uniquely designed with a Backwash and Flushing function, this user-friendly product promises easy maintenance and care.

User Friendly



Size 9" x 42" (inches)
Flow Rate 39 Litre
Max Working Temperature 110 °F
Max Working Pressure 100 psi
Connector 2.5"