Payment Method : JomPay via ATM

SUBfloor Sdn. Bhd.
Biller Code : 77255
REF1 : CC12345RA1234 (Refer to your policy)

Step Action
1 Insert Card.
2 Key in the ATM PIN.
3 Select “PAY BILLS” at the Main Menu.
4 ¬†Select “JOMPAY” at the Pay Bills Menu.
6 Select “YES” to Agree Term & Conditions.
Microsoft Word - Jompay via ATM_Process Flow
7 Enter the amount for the payment and select “YES” to continue.
Jompay via ATM_Process Flow-2
8 Select the account from which the payment is to be made from.
The following screen will be displayed if there are more than 1 account linked to the card:
Jompay via ATM_Process Flow-3
9 Enter the biller code “77255” (SUBFloor Sdn Bhd) and select “NEXT” to confirm and continue.
10 Enter the REF-1 (Refer to your Policy/Agreement) and select “NEXT” to confirm and continue.
11 Select “NEXT” to confirm and continue.
*Note: REF-2 not required for this payment, press “NEXT”.
Jompay via ATM_Process Flow-6
12 Re-check the payment details and Select “NEXT” to confirm.
13 Select “YES” to return to Main Menu or “NO” to end transaction.
The receipt will be printed and the following screen will be displayed for successful payment:
Jompay via ATM_Process Flow-8